NOTICE: Issues when inventorying across multiple domains RRS feed

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  •  The MAP team became aware of an issue in the tool this morning and wanted to give everyone notice about the issue and provide a workaround.

    If you install MAP on a machine and then inventory other machines that are in domains that are NOT in the DNS Suffix Search list of the machine where MAP is installed, then some types of inventory may fail.

    The specific problem is that inventories that use our "dependent collector" technology to collect additional information from a target machine about SQL Server instances, Virtual Machine instances, and some other data will fail.  This will cause various problems such as:

    • affected machines that should appear in the SQL Server report will not appear
    • affected machines that run Virtual Server 2005 or Hyper-V may not have guest machines properly listed

    To work around this problem, make sure that the DNS Suffix list on the machine running MAP has all necessary DNS suffixes listed for each domain that you will be inventorying machines from.   If you are only inventorying the same domain as the one the MAP machine is a member, you won't experience this issue.

    If you have a name collision (same host name in more than one domain), then the machine in the domain that's higher in the suffix search order will be the one inventoried by the dependent collectors (SQL Server, Virtual Server, Hyper-V, etc.)

    We have a fix for this in the next version of MAP, scheduled to go into beta in May.


    Saturday, February 21, 2009 1:55 AM