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  • my desktop which was functioning perfectly for years crashed with no blue screen upon trying to restart, even trying to get to safe mode, the startup script is calling for my installation disk. I do not have an installation disk I upgraded from digital locker and never recieved a disk! Now what? I can watch the bios post and all checks out fine until the windows startup script begins offering me the different safe modes and requests that I insert my installation disk. Even when I try any of the safe modes I still cannot proceeed without the disk.

    Long ago after I realized that digital locker had no intentions of sending me my requested disk which was ordered with the vista download I tried to create a startup emergency disk but windows vista help has no function to do this, help just claims that all files are on the installation disk which I apperently was not allowed to get even though I paid the extra $$ to have one sent to me.

    Yes I have all the needed reciepts and details about the vista ultimate download they are on my "C" drive for anyone to see, and I'm not going to pay a non-microsoft tech to give me advice which should be available to me as a multiple vista/xp/win7/98/95/3.1/dos 2.0 thru 6.22 licensed user.

    Does anyone know where I can download a vista emergency disk? I can't even uninstall vista and revert to XP since all the files are gone and my monthly COMPLETE backup is of no help since I can't get past the bios post and the windows vista error script. 

    Any help will be greatly appreciated....



    Saturday, May 5, 2012 1:11 PM