Routing and Remote Access Issues: NAT - Route out of Local Network


  • Hello guys,

    I'm not exactly sure if this is a Configuration issue or something else.

    Basically I've have a DHCP Server, DNS Server and a Routing and Remote Access Service.

    I have my Internet going into one NIC of my server and all my other computers connecting to the Router server via a second NIC. That's all working fine. Every System on the network can access the internet, resolve domains etc.

    I'm having an issue with the NAT and "Port Forwarding".

    I seem to be able to send requests from the outside but can't send anything outwards to the internet. On my network I have an ESXi server which has the internal IP of In the IPv4 NAT section of the Routing and Remote access Service I have set up on the interface connecting to the internet some services. Namely the HTTP and HTTPS services with the Private Address I am able to check that the ports are open using - All positive so far but when I go into my web-browser, enter my external ip I am unable to load the webserver though It loads when I go directly to in my browser...

    Anyone know what the problem could be? 

    I would be much obliged for your assistance.


    Tuesday, November 19, 2013 8:50 PM


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