Windows Explorer locks up when moving from one network card to another RRS feed

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  • Hi people,

    Here's my problem: I suspect its cause and resolution will be very simple, but I can't locate an answer so far.

    I'm running a Windows XP SP3 laptop, joined to a Windows 2003 native-mode domain.
    As is common these days, the laptop is multihomed, with an Intel Gigabit Ethernet card and Intel combined 802.11n/Bluetooth adaptor.

    My problem is this: I often need to take myself off the wired network at the office, and join a wireless network. This is so I can access our assets via their public IP addresses, to avoid NAT'ing problems. I typically do this by simply pulling the cable from the ethernet, then enabling the wireless adaptor and joining the required network. Note there is no firewall or filtering with the wireless network, and it is using NAT.

    Within around 10 secs, Windows Explorer will lock up, for around 15 seconds, then come back to life. This behaviour recurs on what seems a quite short cycle, perhaps every minute.

    Whilst I think this might be related to the machine looking for domain resources, the adaptor binding order, or similar, I've been unable to make any impact on this behaviour.

    If I revert the config by disabling my wireless adaptor and reconnecting the wired adaptor, everything returns to normal and performance is as expected.

    I tried changing adaptor binding order - my wi-fi adaptor was higher than the wired NIC already but seemed worth a look: no dice.
    I also tried releasing the config on the wired adaptor, flushing the ARP cache and DNS, then connecting the wi-fi. Didn't see any difference.

    I'd love to hear any constructive suggestions on resolving this issue; attempts to use ProcMon and Wireshark to find the cause have been fruitless, but maybe I'm looking at the wrong data.

    Let me know what information you might like and I'll see if I can give it.



    Stevie Lamb

    Friday, July 20, 2012 10:10 AM

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  • Is there really no-one who feels able to answer this?

    I can provide more info, dependent upon what it is, for now I have provided the symptoms.
    Would appreciate some kind of response... anyone???

    Stevie Lamb

    Friday, August 3, 2012 12:32 PM