How to organise resource allocation for short term (within the next week even day) projects in project Server 2010? RRS feed

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  • We just started with ms project server and our strugling with short term resource allocation.

    I read about the SRA Summary resource assignments). I also read it is very useful for medium and long term planning.
    Now I realise it is not exactly what we need.
    Let me explain how we use MS project in our business, which is marketing.
    We create project files for all projects currently running, these range from projects of a few weeks to several months.
    Since our business is marketing, our project plans change daily, god knows why :)

    This means our project managers update their projects on a daily bases and we need to keep track of resource over allocation.
    Changes very often impact workload for the next day.

    We also have a traffic manager who is responsible  for leveling resource assignments.

    So before noon, about 10 project managers start updating project plans for about 50 resources. They save and check in their changes. Lets call this the request fase.
    We ask project managers to try not to over allocate resources when updating.
    In the afternoon our traffic manager will look at the changed files, solve any issues and publish the projects. We call this the leveling fase. Only traffic manager can publish the projects because a quality check must be done and we want to prevent our resources from getting 1000 email notifications about changed work.

    As I understand, the summary resource assignment only shows data from published projects. This is where our problem starts, this means our project managers can not see actual availability, since other project managers have done changes that are not visible unless they open up all changed files....

    We could enable publish rights for our project managers, but first come first served is not how we want to assign tasks to resources.
    We could also leave all resource leveling entirely to our traffic manager, but then all hell brakes lose :) Often resource assignments change or come up for the next day and it is  not an optimal solution for a project manager to wait until late afternoon if his request got through or not. He should at least be able to know if it is likely to work out or not.

    Is there a way MS project can facilitate this short term resource allocation overview? Or can somebody tell me where to find more info?
    So we need a view on resource assignments in all saved and published projects. The way you have it with all changed projects open, but then without opening the other projects. Does anybody have info about this or has an idea how to rearange our process so it can be facilitated?

    Wednesday, July 4, 2012 10:00 AM


  • Plessers,

    A thought would be to use the Resource Plan to keep track of the resource "contracted" allocation to the plan. Then, you could create a report that compares the resource plan info to the published project plan info to spot issues.

    Unfortunately, this situation is very common albeit, usually on a weekly basis as most are doing weekly update cycles. At least, if the PM can stay within their contract, the issues should be reduced.

    Treb Gatte

    Monday, July 9, 2012 7:12 AM