Windows Server Print Management. Show only the printers a specific User is authorized to use.


  • We have a network with about 500 printers. We want to transition to Print Management. The team wants the following access behavior:

    1) Add printers to the print manager

    2) Set the authorized groups for the given printer

    3) Choose the option to List the printer in the directory, this allows the user to see all available printers when adding a printer. It should not be necessary to "Promote the printer to Group Policy"


    When a User goes to "Add a Printer", they can see every printer in the Directory, whether they are authorized to use it or not. It does require them to enter a password, but this is not the desired behavior.

    We don't want users having to navigate through 500 printers to add one or two, relevant to their department or location.

    Please advise

    Note: If you're going to tell me to use GP Management to accomplish this, then please provide an example. I believe the procedure for this simply adds relevant printers automatically, and doest show a list of available authorized printers

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