Remote Web Workplace Problems after Windows SBS2011 Updates


  • I've seen a couple of different problems crop up on SBS2011 Standard servers after Windows Updates have run and or been applied. The issues both center around the Remote Web Workplace. The users can login to the RWW however, in one circumstance, they cannot get into the Files and Folders. On the other hand, they can't get RDP sessions to launch to the machines listed for them to connect to.

    I found a fix for the 1st one. Link = However after performing that fix, it does not permenantly fix the problem. I'm still having to restart the Exchange Information Store to allow access to the files and folders.

    The fix for the 2nd item does not also fix the problem. I am still having to restart the Exchange Active Directory and Transport Services to get it to work and it only lasts about an hour.

    The SharePoint Updates have been applied correctly after updating SharePoint Services as per Microsoft Bulletin KB226610.

    So I am wondering if these issues are going to be addressed and fixed or is Microsoft going to let them be never to be fixed.

    Monday, March 17, 2014 5:59 PM


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