Getting an .exe from a website through script. RRS feed

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  • For my internship i need to make a script that downloads programs from internet.

    This is because of a whole bunch of new laptop's that will come somewhere around Januari.

    I know that if i want to run an .exe from the pc u just locate the exact place this program would be.

    For example (in CMD) start C:\users\user\documents\file.exe 

    It would also be nice to let the installation go on his own so we can let the people in the company do this them selves.

    Like this u can easily make a batch file but i can't find anything that could help me. This might be because i don't use the right pronouncement.

    Could anyone give me some help in the right direction.

    (wanted to use WPI but my mentor told me it would be better through script.)

    Monday, October 2, 2017 11:48 AM

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