Project 2010 cannot send e-mail - Queue Notification RRS feed

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    I am getting failure notications on my projects/pwa > queues. There's a queue of notifications that are on my job details. Whenever someome submits the timesheet it get stuck in the queue job but eventually after some unknow time.

    • GeneralQueueJobFailed (26000) - NotificationMessage.CompositeNotification. Details: id='26000' name='GeneralQueueJobFailed' uid='314fde29-a234-440b-b62a-83bf7d070f11' JobUID='38d0c134-eebd-4b48-b60d-3fa4d9727fe5' ComputerName='SVVCAB036' GroupType='NotificationMessage' MessageType='CompositeNotification' MessageId='1' Stage=''. For more details, check the ULS logs on machine SVVCAB036 for entries with JobUID 38d0c134-eebd-4b48-b60d-3fa4d9727fe5.
    Thursday, November 7, 2013 8:35 AM