Some needs to add a disclaimer to the Windows Server Tech Prev 2 download... RRS feed

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  • I''ve been going a little crazy since first installed this Win Server TP2. First it started with asking for activation and product key,  finally fixed that and now getting constant winload.exe not found BSOD on any attempt to boot to anything (including DVD or USB). My question is this:

    I want to use DISM to mount and service the offline Windows Images. I have a pretty complicated multiboot system with many disks both internal and a couple external. Usually only use the external disks for storage and not a bootable or OS. Even still I have at least 4 HDD and SDD with Windows 7, Windows 10 Insider Pro IT PRo version , Win 10 Insider Client version and the Windows Server tp2. I don't usually have them all running at the same time unless everything is stable, which it is definately not right now. So anytime do any OS install or boot fixes, etc I usually will unplug the other drives. What is happening now is that I cannot for the life of me get any wim file to mount correctly without an error. The errors are generally about the same 3 but the more I research the more it doesnt make sense why getting the errors.

    The main error I get trying to mount a  wim file is the "AccEss Denied: Error 5". The DISM log doesnt have anything useful. I made sure to tun Icacls to grant everyone and then run  take ownership of both mount dir and mount sources, folder and files, and will usually have the install files on a external disk or flash or at least on any other partition that is not on the current OS disk. When I run the command . Dism /mount-wim /wimfile:"d:\sources\install.wim /index:2 /mountdir:"c:\mountboot"  it will go to 100% and then come back with the error 5. adding readonly or specifying a scratch directory dont help. I was previously able to mount wim from my old 2012r2 installation with the same set up and parameters for source files and mount dir with out any issues.

    So anyone know any fix for this or what am I doing wrong? Also after wasting many blank DVD's and wasting countless hours I also noticed that there is a bug in the Tech Preview 2 ISO where dism/get-wiminfo will actually show it as 2012R2 index details with 4 indexes. Initially right after I had downloaded the ISO's i had already run get-wiminfo and at that time was showing details as Windows Tech Prev 2 with 2 indexes (core and gui). So I don't even know how that would have changed on the fly after I had already downloaded and burned the ISO's. So only way to know if it is actually the Tech Prev 2 files I have to look for the Nanoserver folder as the real 202r2 doesnt have that.I wasted way too many hours thinking that I had the wrong ISO or something when they started coming back and listed under 2012r2.

    The Eval Center and Tech net need to have some sort of warning or disclaimer about the dism index listings being incorrect.

    Wednesday, June 17, 2015 7:35 PM