Why WOULDN'T I want to have one site collection with many sites?


  • In SharePoint 2013 on prem, it's against best practices to have any site collection over 100GB because moving them or backups might fail. But in SharePoint Online, I don't have these concerns anymore (correct?). The only negatives to this "architecture" I can come up with are:

    1. Permissions - If different permissions are needed for each site, inheritance will have to be broken. And if someone accidentally turns it back on, then there's lots of work to do!
    2. 1TB Limit - the maximum size of a site collection is 1TB and no more.
    3. Function - if it's a Records Center, etc., it would have to be its own site collection.

    Are there more I haven't thought of?

    Thursday, June 9, 2016 5:55 PM

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