MIM Employee Data Source Changed, MIM no longer syncing RRS feed

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  • Hopefully I've come to the right place for help!  I've been "handed" a MIM production environment that was setup to sync the HR database with ~5,000 AD accounts & provision new AD accounts.  The original MIM environment was functional, however it is completely undocumented & none of the original architects can be located.  Since then, the HR system has changed, and I have been tasked with updating MIM to utilize the new HR system as the "system of record". 


    To make life easier, I have created a process to load new HR system's data in the same MSSQL database as the original system (it has a different schema than the original however) and then I "simply" updated MIM to point to the new data source to perform its provision/updates.  I am able to see the new HR data getting all the way into the Metaverse, however I cannot get it to update AD.


    I do see that the AD MA now has about 5k disconnectors now, so I'm assuming that the AD accounts are no longer "connected" to the metaverse somehow?  I'm new to MIM and am reluctant to experiment in production, so any non-invasive advice you may have would be appreciated!


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  • You have come to the right place, but you have a problem a bit bigger then you think.

    1- The change of the HR Database is treated as a different source, which means all current accounts will be disconnected, as they think there is nothing to match to in HR

    2- The new DB has a different schema, which means you have to update mappings to correspond to new data

    3- You need to join old AD Accounts with new HR, and seems the new data does not match, which may lead you with duplicate accounts in AD

    If you like, I can help you offline. Email me at

    Nosh Mernacaj, Identity Management Specialist

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