Getting data from VSTS into Power BI using oData RRS feed

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    I'm trying to create a burndown chart using Power BI with data from the WorkItemSnapshot. 2 questions regarding this URL: 


    https://{url}{project}/_odata/v1.0/WorkItemSnapshot?$apply=filter(WorkItemType eq 'Task')/filter(DateValue ge Iteration/StartDate and (Iteration/EndDate eq null or DateValue le Iteration/EndDate))/groupby((DateValue, IterationSK, SumOfRemainingWork), aggregate(RemainingWork with sum as SumOfRemainingWork, OriginalEstimate with sum as SumOfOriginalEstimate))&$orderby=DateValue


    1 - Why do all the columns from WorkItemSnapshot show in Power BI whereas via the browser it only shows the 4 columns in the <g class="gr_ gr_12 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" data-gr-id="12" id="12">groupby</g> section


    2 - How can I get SumOfOriginalEstimate and SumOfRemainingWork to show in Power BI? 



    Friday, November 24, 2017 4:58 PM