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  • Ok I have a good one for ya, I work for a small company and we have a Production schedule that is basically an xml excel document that get printed out each morning, and again at lunch and again at 230 and again at 4 closing time. this document is changed throughout the day to reflect changes to the upcoming schedule as well as what is going that day and what isn't.

    As  production member we never know what is changing unless we go up and ask, so what I would like to do is set up a large screen in the production area that shows a "live" or continually updated view of this document and still allow the people that need to access it and change it to do so. I have already considered the fact that we need to get a true server and set up the company computers on a domain based network, and this document would then be stored on that server, that part Ive got, but the actual displaying of the document in a somewhat "real time" manner is escaping me.

    Any Suggestions would be helpful as well as software and hardware suggestions.

    Thanks for your time and hope to hear from the combined brains of technet soon!

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  • jcis4me --
    Is this a question about Microsoft Project?  From your post, I cannot determine this.  If it is about Microsoft Project, there is no way to open an individual project so that it can be continuously updated by multiple people.  If this is actually an Excel question, I would propose that you repost it in one of the Excel user forums.  Hope this helps.

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