403 Error on some Load Balanced URLs but not Others, in WSS 3.0 environment. RRS feed

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  • Let me preface this by saying I think this may not be a WSS/Sharepoint issue.


    That said here's the situation.


    We have 2 WFE's that are load balanced.  We have about 20 Web Apps and corresponding Site Collections on each WFE.  The majority work as expected, so http://SiteA.example.com (the load balanced URL) matches what you would get from http://SiteA1.example.com (the non-load balanced URL that points specifically to WFE 1) and http://SiteA2.example.com (the non-load balanced URL that points specifically to WFE 2).


    Also important, I don't have access to the server acting as our Load Balancer, that's handle by Oracle support.


    3 Sites exhibit issues, let's call them SiteX, SiteY, and SiteZ.


    SiteX and SiteY both return 403 Forbidden errors, when I use Fiddler to look at the packets, they're Virtual Directory Listing Denied errors.  However http://SiteX1.example.com,  http://SiteX2.example.com,  http://SiteY1.example.com,  and http://SiteY2.example.com,  all work and display information.

    SiteZ gives a "IE Cannot Display the Webpage" error that when I look at it in Fiddler I get:

    Connection to SiteZ.example.com failed.
    Exception Text: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it nnn.nnn.nn.nn:80


    Here are the places I've looked to ensure that the configuration of these sites match the other sites:



    • I've looked at the Directory Security tab under Properties, all have Enable Anon Access checkboxed.
    • Permissions, all have the WSS_WPG user with Read, List, and Execute permissions, and the WSS_ADMIN_WPG with Full Control.
    • Host headers:  All have 2 host headers, Default, port 80, SiteA.example.com and (IP Address), port 80, SiteA1.example.com (on WFE, on WFE 2 it's SiteA2.example.com)
    • Virtual Directories on the sites (their permissions match the working sites, and they all have Anon Access enabled in Directory Security).

    HOSTS file
    • Both WFEs have all the URLs in the HOSTS file

    Central Admin
    • Alternate Access Mappings, all have the same AAM configuration.
    • Removed SharePoint from an IIS Website and Re-extended the Site collection and still receive 403 error.
    • Deleting the Web App & Site Collection, including the Database, and re-creating them manually (I did this with SiteX, as it had the least amount of content on it, and will be easy to re-migrate) and still receive the 403 error.

    Directories on the Server
    • I also checked the physical directories on the server that IIS points to (Home Directory tab) to ensure they're permissions match the sites that work.

    Is there somewhere else I should be looking on my servers to make sure that I don't run into this 403 error?  What about the load balancer (in case the Oracle support says "The Load Balancer works just fine, the problem is on your end" and it's not).

    Friday, December 31, 2010 8:40 PM


  • Based on the information you provided above, I think it is worth checking the configuration of the load balancer. A comparative analysis along with the other entries of the sites that are working might help.

    Since you are getting a Virtual Directory Listing Denied error, it seems that the redirection is not working in SharePoint. It might happen if there are any virtual directory created in IIS with the same names. You might need to remove them if they are there.


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