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  • Hello: for other devices to access files put into onedrive, must the depositing device be logged into a network?

    Details: 1-laptop w8.1(8.1.2?). Usual login is local. Have a 2nd login using live mail acct. 2- logged in locally, I put an .xls file initially located only in my laptop's own hard drive, into onedrive, using a shortcut (to the onedrive) on the laptop's desktop. 3- I have a new (to me) ipad mini 2 retina, w/latest iOS. It has MS Excel free app installed, apparently successfully. I am an ipad newbie, have had this ipad about 1 wk. 4- I am a onedrive newbie. 5-Initially, on the ipad, the .xls file is not seen. I remain logged in locally on the w8 laptop. 6- I turn off & on the ipad, to "update" its nw settings as a guess. This does not work, the .xls file is not seen in the onedrive (as viewed from the ipad). 7- I switch users on the laptop to the nw acct. 8-the .xls on onedrive is seen by the ipad. 9- I log off the nw acct on the laptop, & log back in as local user. 10-I successfully open the .xls on the ipad.

    Questions: 1- what does the deposit of the file onto the onedrive shortcut, actually represent? Did the file actually get sent to onedrive, when the laptop user is only logged in locally? Or, did the transfer to onedrive actually occur only when I switched users to the nw acct?  (Meanwhile, I did nothing to the .xls file into the onedrive desktop shortcut, as it appears in the local acct's desktop.) 2- Is there a simple solution that will lead to putting a file into onedrive (logged in locally from the w8 laptop), leading to the file being "seen" immediately by the ipad, w/o first having to switch users to a nw acct on the laptop?

    Thank you.

    Monday, December 22, 2014 9:06 PM