Replication Test Failover Domain issues.



    Hey Technet, we're a contractor company working under a much larger company, and we're tasked with having a backup site with Hyper-V replication.

    Currently we have backups getting pushed every 15 minutes to our system. Paranoid people that we are, we prefer to spool up and run all the replications daily to make sure they are functioning. This includes running applications and checking on files in the database etc. The issue we are running into is that the domain controllers are being turned off on our AD replications by the Hyper V console. The reason why seems to be referenced in an article by Bill Mathers titled: "Support for using Hyper-V Replica for virtualized domain controllers"  (Unfortunately I can link anything yet)

    It seems to be a microsoft safety feature to prevent conflicts, but we're hoping there is a work around for this. Currently we are running Test-Failovers on all the VMs and when we do we'll often have to run off Cached Credentials. Sometimes we get "No logon services". Its impeding our process of running a test lab under failover conditions.

    Is there a way we can still complete our daily tests with this method while having functional test failover DCs?

    Thursday, February 2, 2017 6:03 PM

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