Calculate the productivity of more than 1 department in Power BI RRS feed

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  • Hi,


    I am trying to visualize the correct level of productivity but have yet to find out the way. Please help!


    The scenario is: I have # of machine created from team A and B, I have total working hour of each team A and B. If I calculate the productivity of each team, which are # of machine A / total hour A; # of machine B / total hour B, and visulize in power BI separately then there will be no issue.

    The problem is when I try to combine these 2 team, I still have the 2 data sets, and the calculation should be total machine (A+B) / total hour (A+B). But I really do not know how to do this step within power BI. And This might not only apply to 2, but also 3, 4, etc. team depending on the selection.

    Then current solution that I know is to create the productivity separately, then take the average, which I don't think is accurate.


    Hope the above explanation can help you get the idea of what it is. Appreciate your help!


    Thursday, March 7, 2019 5:48 PM


  • Hi Tony. Can you provide a simplified sample input, as well as your desired output (in table form)? This should make it easier for folks to assist you.


    Friday, March 8, 2019 10:49 PM