GPO for wireless configuration not working well enough


  • We have a GPO that configures 802.1x wireless setting for laptops and uses computer authentication for bootup and then user configuration for logging into the computer.

    The policy is applied and technically does work, but it works poorly.

    The first problem we have is that wireless is slow to connect.  The computer boots up and then when the user tries to log in, there is a message that says no logon servers are available.  Looks like the wireless is not connecting during the boot process as it is supposed to.  We are having to connect an Ethernet cable for first time users to log into the laptop and create their Windows profile.

    The second issue is that the switch to user authentication for wireless is slow.  When the user first logs in with cached credentials, the wireless is not connected immediately and therefore drive mappings fail.  After waiting around 15 to 30 seconds, the wireless finally connects and the user can either reconnect disconnected drives or has to log off and back on to get their drive mappings.

    What are the optimal GPO settings to ensure computer and user wifi authentication works reliably?

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