How to offer all users a landing page that offers them links to all their sites without using MySites? RRS feed

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  • We've decided not to use Mysites.  But we were wondering if it's possible somehow to offer all users a landing page that offers them links to all their sites and especially all their Doc libraries.

    What would really be cool is *somehow* we could map a set drive letter (say S:)  to SharePoint and users could save and create shortcuts directly to their SharePoint doc libraries using UNC or WebDav.

    Is this possible? Are their products that might help with this?  It would appear native mysites sort of offers this as does a user profile page when you select the user.  but could we build a portal page that is smart to who the user is that presents not just a list of all the site you have access to, but maybe also all the doc libraries in a list? Along with the all site search box.  and a drive leter mapping to SharePoint that could be qualified using webdav down to any doc library would also be very nice for saving directly from office products.

    Some time ago we attempted to map a drive to doc library  under an SSL SharePoint site using WebDAV and discovered it would not work for Mac and XP stations, only Windows 7.





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  • We don't use mysites, but would like to develop a page that based on who you are, lists links to all your sites on the farm and also lists all the doc library (by site).  I noticed mysites and the user profile page seem to offer this. Possibe to grab a copy of those page and host it somewhere open that will still observe SharePoint security.

    Also, We've been able to use WebDav to map drive leters to sharePoint doc sites.  Would it be possible to *somehow* map a drive letter to sharePoint in a way that using UNC  or WebDav from the drive leter we could have access to all your doc libraries. Something like


    Can any tools help with this? And is there any way around SSL sites and WebDav not working from XP or Macs? It only seems to work from Windows 7



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  • Related:  We have some 210 Sites on our Farm. Each one has a seperate Content Databases.  How expensive (in terms of processing delay) would it be create SharePoint page that would return a link for every document library across all sites that I have access to?

    Would that SQL (?) query have to hit every content database? No centralized place to pull that?

    Anyway from the databases to return the UNC/WebDAV path to the library as well?

    How difficult to add cross site search to that page.. ala a MySites Page?

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