Install vista rc1 with xp on seperate physical drives? RRS feed

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  • I've recently downloaded the latest vista rc1 I could find, and had a question.

    I have read through many of the threads here with the problems people are having with dual boot xp\vista systems on the same physical drive.  Currently I have 2 drives.  One, C, 80 gig.  The other is 200 gig with 6 partitions.  I keep all my vids, pics, docs on this one as a back up.  Would I be safe to install vista on the second drive in a 20 gig,  formated, ntfs file system?  Would I run into boot problems if Vista was on the second drive with a drive letter like J:?  I figured that if I decided to delete Vista, I would only have to reformat that partition, and my other partitions would be untouched,... right?  Then I would be able to boot xp normally, no? 

    Anyone who has any advice or experience with this scenario, I welcome your feedback, as I am anxious to see what Vista is capable of.

    If this is not at all safe to do on a primary machine, then I guess I'll try to install on my older pc, but I would have to do some work on it first.  So I'm willing to take a small risk with this pc, but only if I can be assured that doing it this way will prevent any of my data on either drive from being corrupted.



    Saturday, November 4, 2006 2:03 AM