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    I am hoping someone can help me.


    I have downloaded Windows Steady State and want to use it to control a retail computer environment on our XP Pro machine.


    I have 2 domains, 1) Fast  2) Slow


    I have a retail worker "Alex" on Slow domain - as this is connected to our server.


    The Administrator seems to be on the Fast domain.


    When I downloaded WSS, the only user detected was the admin on FAST.


    How can I add Alex so that WSS can see him?



    As an alternative, I have tried to configure XP restrictions by using Local and Group Security policy - but changes made there seem to affect every user (including admin) which I don't want.


    What I really need is 2 profiles, both controlled by WSS

    One is Alex in a very limited retail environment, and the other is the Admin


    What shoud i do now?  Alex's profile already has some retail POS software loaded, so I don't really want to have to delete this profile and start again, but I guess I wil;l if that's the best answer.


    Grateful for any help you can offer.


    Sol 007


    Friday, July 4, 2008 6:45 AM


  • Hi, I would like to inform you that SteadyState does not detect domain accounts and by default we cannot load them to configure SteadyState restrictions. The administrator account in SteadyState should be local admin account.


    In domain environment, we usually use SCTsettings.adm to set restrictions/group policy on user accounts. As the group policy will apply to all the users who log to the computers in the OU, the following article will be helpful if you would like to bypass administrator accounts.


    How To Keep Domain Group Policies from Applying to Administrator


    Hope this helps!


    Monday, July 7, 2008 9:48 AM