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  • I swear I'm not doing drugs, this is really happening.  I can't figure out why, I can't even figure out HOW.

    I loaded Apache.  Then I tried to modify the .conf file to match another server using scite.exe (which works fine)

    When I figured out there were 2 many differences to do manually, I saved and closed scite and opened the file in slickedit so I could diff the two filles together.

    None of my changes were saved.  Thinking this was weird, I opened the file with scite again, and the changes were there! So I went to explorer, opened up slickedit, notepad, and scite (with no files loaded).  Then I drug the same file from the same explorer window into all 3 editors.  Scite got the modified version of the file, notepad and slickedit got the unmodified version.

    So I closed the editor, and DELETED the file using explorer.  It shows up as gone.  Slickedit can't open it from the recent files menu, I can't drag and drop it to notepad.  BUT if I Open SCITE, and do File|Open, browse to the folder, mysteriously, the file is still showing, AND it can be opened by scite AND the changes are still in the file.  If I backup one level, right click on the conf folder and do Open In a New Window, explorer opens a window where the file is NOT visible.

    Oh yea, apache, sees the file modified by scite, it doesn't know the file was deleted.

    What is going on here?

    Win7 Enterprise, 64 Bit, Standard User
    Wednesday, December 2, 2009 5:14 PM