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  • I'm trying to reinstall xp professional and after initial reinstall appears to be successful I'm asked to insert xp disc for a file (which IS on the disc) however I get no response at all from the system when I click on the file. I'm baffled. Is there any hope for my old system? The system automatically seems to find the folder needed but refuses to access it. What worries me is I believe the hard disc may be failing (the power supply fried out at one point and the system sat dead for months. Upon finally replacing the power supply, I began getting repeated chkdsk instances at start up. Finally while trying to delete a file i got a "windows explorer has experienced a serious error and needs to close". I've never been able to start the system since.) I got the original disc and did a "repair reinstall" and that's where I am now; with a glorified paperweight. Please HELP. I've got thousands of hours of music work not yet backed up (Yeah, I know "DUMB ASS", but it is what it is). Harware info: Dual discrete AMD Athlon processors 2 gig speed 2 gigs of ddr RAM, I can't find the documentation on the motherboard.
    Sunday, May 15, 2011 1:40 AM

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  • First off, I would say if you want to keep the music, then create a linux CD and boot into that. that will allow you to copy all the data from your HDD to another drive if you so wish. Also, if you run a tool in linux called 'Disk Utility' you can check your HDD for errors. 

    Ubuntu is the version of linux I'm talking about.

    When you say repair install, is this when you boot from the Windows XP disk and reinstall, but leaving your data intact?

    Another option would be to clone your HDD to another one, assuming that the problem is hardware related, if software related, you are just going to get the same issue.


    Hope some of this helps

    Thursday, May 19, 2011 8:23 AM
  • Thanks for the info, Matt. I'm downloading Ubuntu right now. It looks like a very promising solution!


    Yes the repair install was booting from the windows xp disk. That was the only option that would allow me to not (hopefully) lose data.


    This possible fix has me quite excited. I'll post again to let you know my results.


    Thanks again!

    Oliver Dill
    Friday, May 20, 2011 4:07 AM