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  • I need to set up a share on a windows 2008 server, that verify users against a NIS database.
    There are NO AD och Domain controller in the network.

    As far as I understand this should be done via the NFS client. But I cant figure it out....

    Some background information:
    There are about 35 windows clients (win XP).
    All network resorces are handling via Linux. (Samba and Cups)

    All user verification on the exiting servers goes against a NIS database, and the group policies are handled in the same...

    My problem is now, that we need to install one program, that sits on a win2008 server, and we need to share a directory on this machine, and mount it as X: on some of the clients.

    My plan is to add \\server\recourse in the loginscript, and then on the windows server add the group "prodworkers", that also is in the NIS.
    So far so good, the problem is that I don't know how to make the windows 2008 server to check if user "Michael" that tries to log on to the machine is a member of "prodworkers" group.
    I have looked in the the NFS client service, but It seems more to make the server able to connect to a share on Linux (without using Samba)

    Do anyone have a hint on how to do this?
    Or even better a TechNet document? (I have not been able to find one...)

    Best regards
    Wednesday, December 16, 2009 2:16 PM