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  • Here are the specs for my laptop to begin with:

    Toshiba Satellite M115-S1061
    Intel Celeron M 420 1.6ghz Processor
    2gigs Kingston Hyper X PC2-4200 Ram
    Windows Vista Ultimate

    Here is my problem, the computer used to have XP on it and before I upgraded to Vista Ultimate, I put a new processor in it. The processor I put into the laptop is the Intel T2050 Core Duo. Same socket, same pins, I cross referenced this processor in so many ways to be sure it would work. When I put the processor in with Windows XP on the machine it ran great, both cores showed up and it ran at its max speed all the time. When I upgraded to Vista Ultimate I had to switch back to the Celeron M because Vista would not boot normally. It would get as far as the scrolling green bar at the bottom and then go to a black screen and not move. But here is the weird part, with the Core Duo in it and Vista installed, I can boot into safe mode just fine. So why does it not boot into normal windows with the T2050? I did some more research and tried running the boot trace and I don't understand the files and what to look for. I'm at a loss for words, and I'm running out of ideas. Anyone got anything I can try? Any help would be great.
    Tuesday, February 17, 2009 6:48 AM





    Thank you for posting.


    I am sorry to hear this issue. Based on my research, I would like to suggest that you reinstall the system as a quick solution.


    Actually, replacing CPU is a significant hardware change. If the system cannot boot after this action, it is highly recommended that you reinstall a new system to ensure necessary drivers are correctly installed and configured for the specific hardware environment.


    I understand this may be time consuming. However, it should be the best and safest solution in the long run.


    Also, you can move the hard disk to another computer or setup a parallel system on a different partition to back up important documents first.


    Hope this helps.



    Nicholas Li - MSFT
    Thursday, February 19, 2009 7:03 AM