Display team tasks in My Task pages of PWA RRS feed

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  • Hi, Experts.

    Would you have an idea on implementing team tasks in PWA 'My Task' page?


    -. Tasks are assigned with Teams, which consists a few users

    -. The team tasks are displayed in  'My Task' page 

    -. Any of the team users can complete the task (A user complete the task, then it's displayed as 'completed' in other user's My Task page  

    -. Users are not tech-savvy to do the 'Self-assignment of tasks assigned to team resource pool' 

    -. Task duration cannot be changed, based on progress submission. 

    [Trial 1]

    -. Assign team users to those tasks. The tasks were displayed in each user's My Task page

    -. But even though a user complete the task, overall task completion rate is divided by # of users. 

    [Trial 2]

    -. Define Generic Team resource and assign the task to the team 

    -. The tasks were not displayed in 'My Task' page, unless users 'self-assign' the team tasks 

    [Trial 3]

    -. Write custom webpart page that resembles 'My Task' page but provide access to team tasks.

    Saturday, April 18, 2015 1:08 AM