Project Server 2010: Issue creating Project Site for Master Project RRS feed

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  • I had created a couple of projects and published them (without creating project sites yet).  I then created a master project from those 2 projects and, when I published the Master Project, chose to provision a site for it.  However, I got an error when I tried to access the Master Project Site.  I went to "Server Settings|Operational Policies|Project Sites" and found that the master project site was created, however, Project Server associated it with one of the sub-projects instead.  I was able to fix this by standard methods:

    1. Going to "Server Settings|Operational Policies|Project Sites" and deleting the incorrect Master Project Site URL from the sub-project (after copying the URL)
    2. Editing the (empty) project site entry for the Master Project to associate it with the copied Master Project Site URL
    3. Synchronizing 

    I then was also able to go into the sub-project and, when I published, create a new project site as a sub-site of the Master Project.  My question is whether it is valid to create a Master Project Site with published sub-projects that don't have sites or whether this is a problem with Project Server (and, if so, is it going to be fixed). 

    Thursday, June 25, 2015 6:36 PM