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  • My scenario is one where my group of developers are both working on projects and have a responsibility for providing production support.  The split between project time and production support time is 80/20 respectively.  A developer may spend more or less than 20% of their time in a week on production support, as it all depends on how well behaved the production systems are!.

    I want a plan to manage the production support where tasks relate to a the business week (Mon-Fri).  So, I have a 5 day task which I guess would be set to be Fixed Duration.  Each developer is then allocated 20% to the task.

    Each week task has the previous as a predecessor, with a Constraint of Must Start On.  This all seems to work and Project is quite happy with the allocations and dates until the point at which developers start logging their time against tasks.

    The outcome of entering time is that where actual work <> planned work the task carries on to the next week, and also had the added effect of bumping the start date of the predecessor.  I don't want this to happen as effectively the task is complete at the end of the week regardless of how much time has been spent on it.

    Is there a way of setting up this type of plan in Project or do I need to set-up something completely different.  It has me stumped!

    For info, I'm using Project Server 2010 SP1.

    Monday, May 16, 2011 3:43 PM


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