2nd issue: I have 100 sites with POS tills that loose autoadminlogon credentials randomly RRS feed

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  • I have 100 sites with 2 POS tills that we set to autoadminlogon=1 with all the other defaultpassword etc setup and it works, but..

    sometimes if the site looses power and it reboots it takes them to a logon screen and asks them for username and password.  If a support staff logs them in and reboots it works fine next time.

    BUT, if we RDP or BOMGAR into a site to switch into an admin mode, then reboot the tills autologon on reboot, but the next day on reboot the registry values are now set to the credentials i used the day before but without the password so it once again wont autoadminlogon until i reset all the settings back to the correct account values and then it works.

    The problem is this doesnt happen all the time, but sometimes.  Yesterday i patched 5 sites, and 4 of them lost the autoadminlogon credentials this morning.

    WHY? why does it do this...I also posted another message about a cached credential problem too, so maybe they are related.

    Maybe its related to 100 sites x2 machines each logging in using the same account .etcetcetc..


    need help.





    Tuesday, August 30, 2011 7:23 PM

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  • again to clarify.



    Defaultpassword='correct password'

    DefaultUsername='correct username'

    DefaultDomain='correct username'


    I login using RDP or Bomgar and apply a patch to some executables or dll's etc and register a few dll's then reboot, the autoadminlogon works fine.

    The next day they reboot the tills and sometimes 1 or both or sometimes neither will reset the DefaultUsername and DefaultDomain to the ones i used the day before to login.


    If I check the winlogon section again IF the change occured it shows those wrong credentials recorded and the correct ones lost.

    I thought originally it was only RDP and was pushing the other technician applying the patches to use BOMGAR (another rdp like tool) but this time it did it to me too but it doesnt do it to every computer we touch, just sometimes. 


    And I cant find anything anywhere that talks about this problem and why it occcurs.  Could it be GPO or OU policy settings causing this ?   Quirk in RDP? 


    If it was because i registered a .DLL then why doesnt it happen to every machine i patch.  Also this has happened when just inspecting the system and not applying any files.  None of the files adjusted are related to windows, but other installed apps for Point of Sale use.


    Wednesday, August 31, 2011 5:02 PM