XP Printing to Old HP OJ R80 AIO RRS feed

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  • I've been printing fine for years, using Win2K.  Now that I have XP, I was printing on and off, but now it's been pretty much never.

    I followed the procedure in this link from HP, regarding XP: < had to delete the link to submit >.

    Here it is:

    Follow these steps to install the print drivers built into Windows XP.
    1. If the product is not already disconnected from the computer, disconnect the printer cable from the back of the computer.
    2. Use the Device Manager to set the printer port settings.
      1. Click Start , right-click My Computer , and then click Properties . The System Properties window opens.
      2. Click the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager .
      3. Click the plus sign (+ ) next to the Ports section to open a list of available ports.
      4. Double-click the parallel port entry for the port that is connected to the All-in-One. This is usually the LPT 1 port. The port Properties window opens.
      5. Click the Port Settings tab.
      6. Click Use any interrupt assigned to the port and Enable legacy plug and play detection . Click OK to accept the changes.
      7. Close the Device Manager , and then click OK to close the System Properties window.
    3. Shut down the computer.
    4. Reconnect the All-in-One by plugging the printer cable into the back of the computer. Do not connect any other devices between the All-in-One and the computer.
    5. Turn on the All-in-One and wait until the product On light is no longer blinking and the product is quiet.
    6. Turn on the computer. Windows XP detects the HP All-in-One during the Windows startup process and installs the print drivers. The Add Hardware Wizard opens.
    7. In the Add Hardware Wizard , click Next .
    8. Click your product model, and then click Next to finish the installation.
      Note if there are no printers listed in the Add Hardware Wizard , or your model is not listed, contact your computer manufacturer for assistance in obtaining the driver files.

    When reboot the PC, I get varied results under Device Mgr.  Sometimes, all I see is, under Ports, LPT1 (and serial, of course).  The properties for this were changed as above - Use Interrupts and Enable PnP.  Sometimes, an ECP LPT3 shows up in place of LPT1 (I've changed the properties on LPT3, too).

    Sometimes I see what I think I should see - IEEE 1284.4 Compatible Printers, IEEE 1284.4 Compatible Printer & IEEE 1284.4 Devices, HP OfficeJet R80 & Imaging Devices, Hewlett-Packard OfficeJet R80 Scanner #2.

    But no matter what, printing a test page fails with error and I cancel the print job, delete the printer, reboot and try again.

    Also, the Port under the Printer Properties in Control Panel, shows up as DOT4-001 and sometimes as DOT4-002.

    At times, instead of rebooting, I just invoke Add New Hardware or Add New Printer and  try it that way.  (As an aside, I'm confused when, in these modes, it asks me for the port (recommending LPT1) and I don't know what to type in - LPT1, LPT2, DOT4-001 or DOT4-002;  doesn't matter - none of it works).

    I even put the original XP Install CD in and ran it in Update Mode to insure that the original XP drivers were on my machine, following my numerous Windows/Microsoft Updates until I was clean.

    HELP!  Why can't I print to this amazing printer anymore?  Thanks.

    Monday, February 4, 2013 3:16 AM