OEM license is good or Pain


  • Dear Admins,

    Please let me know something. If I purchase a Dell Tower Server and install Windows server 2008 R2 64 Bit OEM Edition. In future some files are deleted in that Windows Server, so if we have to format that server. Does the OEM license will also die once Windows Server is formatted oresle again we can install the Windows server OEM License on that same Dell Tower server. Just confused and want to know, How does OEM works. Quick response and support needed and appreciated.

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    Fahad Ahmed.

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  • Hi Fahad,

    I already replied to your other question.

    If your windows currepted and you have to rebuild the server you can use the same OEM from the same machine. Only limitation is you can't use the OEM from one machine to other also if your machine blown away or its not use able any more you can't use this OEM license any where else. It will die with the machine.

    But again if you only need to rebuild you can use the same license key. I am not sure if there is a limit for how many times you can use the OEM key to activate windows on the same machine.

    hope it helps.


    Monday, February 24, 2014 10:26 PM