Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit changes its mind about my permission to change icons RRS feed

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  • About a week ago I created a file folder in the root of C: drive to hold icons I created.  I have millions of pictures and thousands of file folders so it is quite helpful to have unique looking folders when I am searching.  Best method for me is to choose a file from the folder and make it an icon.  I did this for three folders (out of about 50) in my "facebook" file. (About 5000 pics in total, so some organization is in order).  Now I am attempting to update the icon for other folders windows, in its infinite wisdom, is reporting as I browse to the file folder with the icon that it is not there.  Explorer on the other hand finds said icon without issue.  (Because it really is there, and windows error messages hardly ever mean what they report). When I look for a hidden desktop.ini file in my facebook folder, I find it for the prior changes.  Copying the file, making edits for the new icon and going to save it in the facebook folder, I am asked if I want to replace "the" desktop.ini file.  (Of course there are several, all with the same name, you now, because numbering them would be hard).  I don't know which one windows is threatening to replace, and I don't want to make Windows any worse than it is, (still laughing) so now I am stuck.  What next?  Thanks in advance to any and all for all advice offered.

    One more question... why is something so simple have to be so difficult MS??
    Wednesday, January 22, 2014 1:21 PM

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