Windows Server 2012 R2 "Your PC needs to restart" error.


  • Hi guys. I'm hoping someone might have an answer to this issue I'm having.

    I'm trying to install Windows Server 2012 R2 on our RDS Server, But on every DVD boot, just after the "Loading Files" screen, the following error flickers on the screen and the server restarts:

    Your PC needs to restart.

    Please hold down the power button.

    Error Code: 0x000000C4






    Some background information on the server.
    It's a custom build using a Intel Server Board SE7520BD2, two 3.4GHz 64Bit XEON processors, and 6GB of ram. It's just had a new 500GB HDD fitted for the purpose of installing the new OS.
    The server can and was running Windows Server 2012 fine with no issues, So I don't know if R2 has a different set of specs to run, although I haven't seen anything posted anywhere.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,


    Monday, October 21, 2013 8:54 PM

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