Unable to modify custom attribute in FIM Portal


  • Here is what I have done

    1) Administration --> Schema Management --> All Attributes --> New .. created a new one.. Main details are

    System Name: test

    Data Type: Integer

    Multivalued: No


    2) Then Clicked on All Bindings --> New

    Resource Type: User

    Attribute Type: test

    Clicked Finished

    3) Now when i goto users and click on a user --> advance view .. I can see the attribute but no textbox next to it to edit it..

    I think I probably need some MPR to give admins access to modify all attributes? If so how?

    Or what else is missing?

    This is a dev environment and at the moment i don't care about the attribute flowing to other systems or anything else. This is just to test a setup of MRP / Workflow


    Friday, October 25, 2013 12:03 AM


  • Hello,

    you are right, no one incl. Admins have permissions on this new attribute by default.

    For giving permissions to the Portal Admins to modify this attribute, you have to add the new attribute to the attributelist in the Set: Administration: Administrators can read and update Users 

    In addition to that, if you want the SyncService to export data for that attribute to the FIMService you need to add this attribute also to the Set: Synchronization: Synchronization account controls users it synchronizes

    In my environment I set this to All Attributes for Admins and SyncService in order to make adding attributes to objecttype easier.


    Peter Stapf - Doeres AG - My blog:

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