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  • Original Configuration :Vista/XP dual boot. Vista on 1st partition, Xp on 2nd Partition.
    Upgraded configuration: Windows 7/ XP dual boot. Windows 7 1st partition, Windows XP 2nd Partition.
    (But the disk holds 4 partitions actually..)
    After many attempts and tons of research, I hope this helps. I was able to go into Windows 7.
    Using EasyBCD 2.0 Beta in Windows 7:
    1- Recreated Boot Registry Entries (To clean all the mess I did before) -Steps: Diagnostics Center, Reset BCD configuartion.
    2- Add a legacy Entry - Windows XP - Steps: Add/Remove Entries, Windows Xp drive D:
    3- Verified the boot.ini located in the created system drive by Windows 7(no letter but under Windows 7 I assigned "I")
       - Under EasyBCD -Tools - Edit Legacy Entries, then
       - Windows 7 creates a new reserved partition, so the old windows xp now is in partition 4 instead of 3 as before, made changes accordingly.
                i.e.  : multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(4)\WINDOWS="WINXP"  .. it was partition(3) before installing windows 7, had a dual vista/xp boot.
    4-Make sure the files:boot.ini, bootmgr, bootsec.dos, ntdetect.com,ntldr are in the created by Windows 7 system reserved drive.
    Reboot and you got it now!
    Finally! Got it working! I hope it helps!

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