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  • Hi All, 

    Since upgrading to MDT2013u2 for my ConfigMgr CB1602 server and deploying a test Windows 10 MDT TS (with the updated MDT package) the Application Discovery preflight registers an error (below), and the post flight Applications Installed tab for OSD Results is empty. Tried running OSDRESULTS.EXE after an OSD; also blank despite Apps being matched according to the logs (again, below)

    The earlier MDT package (2013) used for my W7 works perfectly and I have a pretty good knowledge of creating and mapping applications in UDI Designer etc, and haven't tampered with the TS relating to UDI.

    This is a new computer scenario, and I select a few applications from the Wizard.


    UDI Designer (untouched)

    UDI Wizard


    Deserialize Application Xml
    Clearing selected applications...
    Finished clearing selected applications, saved file to <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <Applications RootDisplayName="Applications">
    <SelectApplication Application.Id="1"/>
    <SelectApplication Application.Id="2"/>
    <SelectApplication Application.Id="4"/>
    <ApplicationGroup Name="Core Software">
    <Application DisplayName="Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (15.0)" State="enabled" Id="2" Name="Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (15.0)" Guid="ScopeId_BEBD3B8D-19A8-422B-BBE9-9ECCE2A830DC/Application_846a9a5a-20a9-4cca-9ca5-fcb972541014">
    <Setter Property="description"/>
    <Match Type="WMI" OperatorCondition="OR" DisplayName="Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (15.0)">
    <Setter Property="Name">Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (15.0)</Setter>
    <Match Type="MSI" OperatorCondition="OR" DisplayName="Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (15.0)">
    <Setter Property="ProductId">{1A0C46FA-6980-42F9-9631-1B822D459405}</Setter>


    Executing AppDiscovery
     Running : [C:\WINDOWS\UDI\AppDiscovery.exe /readcfg:C:\WINDOWS\UDI\ /writecfg:C:\WINDOWS\UDI\ /log:C:\WINDOWS\UDI\config.log]
     Result   : [1]
    Branding Application Status Results
     Running : [cscript.exe //nologo C:\WINDOWS\UDI\OSDAppsScanner.vbs  /FileName:C:\WINDOWS\UDI\  >  C:\WINDOWS\UDI\OSDAppScanner.log]
     Result   : [0]
    Installed Application lookup finished
    Wednesday, April 27, 2016 5:06 PM

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  • 1. Application Discovery has nothing to do with "I select a few applications from the Wizard." Because, there is different step in TS which takes care of it.  Application Discovery process just discovers what is installed on "SOURCE/REFRESHING" machine and matches those appearing in "Install Programs", it only installs (as that those apps gets auto selected in here) if gets matched else install what is being (manually) selected by your or end user.

    2. above warning for application discovery - caused by no application found, or cann't run (as the new machine/bare-metal machine has nothing in there.)
    Monday, June 27, 2016 5:46 AM