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  • Scenario:
    An organization recently migrated their applications to a virtualized data center. They have a group
    of three physical servers running hypervisor. These physical serves are managed from a
    management server. The management server allows VM migration across physical servers.
    Majority of the VMs running on the physical servers provide Web service to their clients. The
    remaining VMs either run the organization’s internal applications or are used for testing. VMs that
    provide the Web service run MS Windows server 2008 and the Web application.
    All physical servers are connected to each other and to an iSCSI storage array via a single physical
    LAN switch. Storage for VMs is allocated from iSCSI LUNs available to the hypervisor. Each
    physical server has two physical NICs installed and no additional slots are available to install more
    NICs. Due to tight budget, the organization cannot afford to purchase additional LAN switch.

    Current situation/issues:
     The organization has configured one virtual switch in each physical server to transfer all
    types of traffic
     The organization is using a single VLAN to transfer all network traffic Page | 2
     Often, the performance of Web servers are impacted by other VM traffic
    o For the same reason, the VM migration is delayed
     During a broadcast, all network traffic slows down
     The organization has implemented common traffic shaping policy across all virtual
     The organization has enabled NIC teaming, although clients often experience mixed

    Organization’s requirement:
    The organization wants to optimize the performance of both the Web and VM migration traffic,
    control the broadcast, and apply different traffic shaping policies for different traffic types. The
    organization would like to balance the client workload across all Web servers to ensure uniform
    utilization of resources.

    You are asked to change the existing network configuration to meet organization’s requirements.
    Justify all changes that are required.
    Saturday, November 22, 2014 6:15 AM