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  • I've got an annoying problem with our Windows 10 1703 builds, a Microsoft update must have been captured in the WIM file but now on builds both directly from the MST server and also from external media (with no network connection) a background blue full screen is displayed titled "Your PC has an update waiting" indicating that Build 1709 is available for download, whilst it doesn't interfere with the build process (unless someone clicks "Update" !) I would like to be able to hide/suppress this screen as I don't want to download 1709 on our builds until I get chance to test the build process out. Has anyone got around this problem ? I've tried adding the following entries into Unattend.xml but unforunatelt this hasn't made any difference.



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    Friday, April 20, 2018 2:21 PM

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  • You will probably have to rebuild your reference image.  If you are getting your updates from WU and not from WSUS, then you will probably pick it up.  I believe there are some registry settings out there to prevent computers from getting or applying Feature Updates for a certain amount of time.  The other idea is to create a mostly air gapped HyperV environment where your VM for the capture does not have access to the Internet and you can pull updates from a WSUS server.  Approve only updates you want, statically set your WSUS server and group in the registry on device to capture, build and let it update, once updates are done, clean out the registry of your WSUS settings, and then capture.  Only get the updates you want.

    I say mostly air gapped, since your WSUS would still have to have access to the Internet to pick up updates.

    Maybe someone else has another idea on how to do this.

    Wednesday, April 25, 2018 4:00 AM