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  • Good morning

    This is what I need help with:-

    I have 3 tabs
    (first tab is the prices of the good the second tab is the amount part verified and the thread tab is the Non admissible cost ) i now how to tack 1 - 2 = 3 but what i need to do is also in tab 2 to also show if the amount verified tab show O it will the show in the word paid but if amount verified show the word valid in it so will course a drop down box to appear so that a manual amount can be add then this will make a - in Tab 3....

    also i need help with tab 1-2-3-4 which i have set a list to so that can choose yes or no from a list but what i am having a problem with is this :- if one of the 4 tab say NO I want it to say Valid in tap 5 and this will shou in tab 6 the amount part verified...

    Tab 6 amount part verified need to do 3 thing at the same time...

    is this possible if how the hell do i do this its been giving me a headache..

    kind regards
    Monday, October 26, 2015 12:51 PM