WSS_Content glow so big


  • Dear Expert,

    I have some questions about Database content below:

    My Environment in SharePoint Server 2010 SP1

    Server pefication

    Server: IBM 3650 M3

    OS: Win Ser 2008R2 SP1

    Memory: 48 GB

    Disk: C/D Logical, E San Storage

    SharePoint Setting Configuration

    Web Application : 1 Web Application

    Site Collection : >10 site (on Department)

    Database Content: Wss_content

    Database Content Size 380 G


    1. How do I reduce the Wss_content size because It grows up increasing. Can I separate database content follow site collection? for example, information >> wss_information. How to separate? If it can separate what's the first concern?

    2. Can I search the file by using date condition? after that I found this file can I move to new location?

    3. If I have the problem, how do I troubleshoot.

    3.1 Install New OS?

    3.2 Upgrade OS > 2012, SharePoint > 2013 or both

    4. How do I check the SharePoint log, to understand the problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    Sunday, September 22, 2013 10:16 AM


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