SCCM having trouble with SQL connection RRS feed

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  • My customer has a rather specific security and management requirements for SQL.  We would like to install SQL locally on the primary site server and they are ok with that if:

    1. The SQL is installed in it's own instance - I don't see a problem with that.
    2. The instance is assigned it's own IP address and DNS name and all the other IP addresses are disabled for SQL - this is the one that's giving me fits.

    We can get around one of two issues that come up with this, but not both since the fix for one causes the other to have issues.

    • If we use the SQL name as the DBA wants us to, we get an error that the FQDN doesn't match the server host name, which is correct.
    • If we use SQL aliases to map the server name to the SQL DNS name we can get past the name mismatch but run into issues with dynamic port configuration errors, even though all the ports are setup as non-dynamic, but only the IP addresses with real connectivitiy has a port number.
    • If we give all the IP addresses in the SQL config port numbers, regardless if they are active or not, we can't get the SCCM installer to connect to the SQL server.

    We are looking at trying to get an exception to do the install on the local IP.  Hopefully someone will have some suggestions on something else to try.  I think this is a legitamate SQL install method and use, but not one that SCCM seems to support.


    Monday, February 4, 2013 5:10 PM