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  • How can I stop Windows 7 Updates from randomly shutting down my laptop and causing me to lose all of my work each time is occurs?

    This is not a scenario where I had the option to restart now or had a warning that Windows would restart in 10 minutes. 
    I set the automatic updates to download them but let me choose to when to install them.  For this reason I am confused why it still restarted without a single prompt?
    Why would someone provide updates without taking into consideration the following?
    People do not always have enough battery power for the update to complete.  Believe it or not, "Right now" is not the best time to install updates.  Why would the automatic restart not save your work?  Why does an interrupted install mess up so much stuff?  Have the developers at Microsoft become so stupid that they cannot think even for a moment the multitude of scenarios for when an update should not begin?

    It is very annoying to work on a document for an hour and have the idiotic Microsoft dummies cause you to lose everything.  They are staffing with dumber people every day!

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