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  • Hello,

    We have recently imported our 2007 PPS into 2010, and I have having trouble with the "Decreasing is better" scoring type. I have tried looking at these following links, but I am still having issues.



    We have imported our 2007 into 2010 PPS the goal of the KPI is this:

    1. If it goes above 99% then red indicator

    2. If it is between 95% and 99%, yellow indicator

    3. If below 95%, then green indicator.

    I have checked that everything is set to normalized (or maybe I am looking the in the wrong spot), and went based off the links above, but they all keep showing up as red indicators, in which most need to be green. My target indicator is pulled from SSAS via an MDX query (and the same with the actual), and the worst value is set to 0.

    Can anyone give me directions in where I can look to fix the problem? If you need more information, let me know. I'm trying to avoid using the "Band by stated score" banding method, which means I'll have to create custom MDX queries to handle the outcome.

    Thanks, Don

    Tuesday, February 15, 2011 8:15 PM


  • I've gotten this to work by doing the following as a "Band by stated score (advanced)" score type using the below method. However, I don't feel as if I should have to do this, and I don't understand why the normalized version does not work as I want it to. Any insight would be helpful.




    ([Measures].[Amount (in thousands)] / [Measures].[Amount Budget (in thousands)]) > .99 THEN 1



    ([Measures].[Amount (in thousands)] / [Measures].[Amount Budget (in thousands)]) <= .99 THEN .5



    ([Measures].[Amount (in thousands)] / [Measures].[Amount Budget (in thousands)]) < .95 THEN 0



    -1 END

    Thanks, Don

    Tuesday, February 15, 2011 9:56 PM