Create item in this list workflow step doesn't create document based on default content type


  • Hello,

    We are running SharePoint Online Plan2 and trying to generate documents based on a template.

    Requirement: Document based on a particular template should generate automatically based on the information from a list.


    1. Created a custom list
    2. Created a normal template having .docx extension containing the necessary fields
    3. Created a content type and associated the above mentioned template with it
    4. Created a document library having above mentioned content type as the only one and default content type. This document library has all the fields with same name as that in the custom list
    5. Created a simple SharePoint Designer 2013 workflow on the custom list having just one step "Create item in this list" and set/associate all the columns/fields from custom list to document library. The workflow is set to initiate automatically on item creation.

    Problem: When an item is created in custom list, the workflow initiates and ends properly. The document is created and the fields gets populated in the document library. However when the new document is opened it is blank and also it is created based on Normal.dotm

    What are we missing?

    Thank you and



    Tanzim Akhtar

    Thursday, June 23, 2016 11:50 AM

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