Group Policy Preferences Shortcut issues ( event ID 1085 )


  • I am hoping someone will be able to help me with a problem that is causing our users a headache

    We have a Windows 2008 SP2 terminal server farm ( 1 gateway, 2 Terminal servers TS1 and TS2 ), we also use Group Policy Preferences to deliver app shortcuts to different AD user groups.

    TS1 and TS2 were built from the same image.  On TS1 users logon and get all the icons they are entitled to, on TS2 it is random to whether they get their shortcuts or not.   

    Both TS are rebooted daily and I have scripted removing any local profiles incase it was something left behind.

    Checking the event Logs on TS2 I see several errors that appear to relate to Group Policy and correspond to when users have connected in.

    any help with this issue would be appreciated.

    Here is the information from the System log:

    Log Name:      System

    Source:        Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy

    Date:          05/12/2014 15:32:26

    Event ID:      1085

    Task Category: None

    Level:         Warning


    User:          Username

    Computer:      TerminalServer


    Windows failed to apply the Group Policy Shortcuts settings. Group Policy Shortcuts settings might have its own log file. Please click on the "More information" link.

    Event Xml:

    <Event xmlns="">


        <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy" Guid="{aea1b4fa-97d1-45f2-a64c-4d69fffd92c9}" />







        <TimeCreated SystemTime="2014-12-05T15:32:26.450Z" />


        <Correlation ActivityID="{CCB45268-E6F8-4127-97C8-A8544829F2DE}" />

        <Execution ProcessID="344" ThreadID="11212" />



        <Security UserID="S-1-5-21" />



        <Data Name="SupportInfo1">1</Data>

        <Data Name="SupportInfo2">3892</Data>

        <Data Name="ProcessingMode">1</Data>

        <Data Name="ProcessingTimeInMilliseconds">6047</Data>

        <Data Name="ErrorCode">2147942413</Data>

        <Data Name="ErrorDescription">The data is invalid. </Data>

        <Data Name="DCName”>\\OurDomain</Data>

        <Data Name="ExtensionName">Group Policy Shortcuts</Data>

        <Data Name="ExtensionId">{C418DD9D-0D14-4efb-8FBF-CFE535C8FAC7}</Data>



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  • Do you use Roaming Profiles or Folder Redirection?

    Did this GPP ever work or is this a new problem?

    Did you try Group Policy Results from the GPMC? What are the results?

    Saturday, December 6, 2014 8:59 PM
  • Thanks for the reply We use folder redirection This has worked on ts2 before, issues appeared a bit ago, but only for certain users not all. I can't get any of my test accounts to fail. I have even copied an AD account of a user who has intermittent issues. And that worked for me Yes if I run the results wizard, it all reports as being processed. . . I did find some technet articles for hot fixes for GPP but they were for either Win7 or 2008r2
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  • Can the problem be fixed if the user not getting the shortcuts does a gpupdate /force?

    Is the target folder replicated?

    Also, you should check for SYSVOL inconsistancies on the DCs. GPO version inconsistancy can be a problem too. Maybe: gives a bit of help.

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  • >      <Data Name="ErrorDescription">The data is invalid. </Data>
    Delete the history XML.


    Mal ein GUTES Buch über GPOs lesen?

    NO THEY ARE NOT EVIL, if you know what you are doing: Good or bad GPOs?
    And if IT bothers me - coke bottle design refreshment :))
    Monday, December 8, 2014 4:27 PM
  • thanks for the replies

    Martin - I have deleted the history XML for the main user and will check in the morning what they report back

    Devon99 - for another user I have increased their rights to the TS so that they can run the GPupdate command tomorrow on TS2. 

    will keep you posted

    Monday, December 8, 2014 5:55 PM