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  • What aggravates the hell out of me and I think this describes a lot of people frustrations, is that you buy a product because of it's hyped up description. So you buy it expecting it to be what it is described to be. Only to find out that the software doesn't even work. Hangs up and can't use it at all. So you have to use a third party software for it to work. Others have software that can utilise the hardware better than the mufacturers .


    so you have some reservations. Maybe I need some sort of update. Low and behold a popup comes along and says there is an update. So happens that the update is LC web.exe. OK good, maybe I can use the software that was on the microsoft CD now, cooool. So I download the update which is 40 times larger than it should be, it installs all kinds of *** om your computer and then you go to use the software and guess what. The junk still hangs and you feel like you got the double and triple shaft.

    Is their anyone here that can honestly say this hasn't happened to them? How is it that someone not even associated with microsoft can produce software that uses their products better than the maker, and actually work and be 30 times smaller? I just don't get it..

    So I guess this Lifecam software and the update will never work. I have lowered screen resolutions and everything else it has said to do. I have uninstalled reinstalled uninstalled reinstalled, updated and everything else. Is this software just plain old *** or does it actually work? Does anyone know?

    Saturday, April 21, 2007 7:59 PM

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  • I share the frustration of munkee. Buying a a product that is not only relatively expensive and doesnt work is compounded by the deafening silence from Microsoft on how to fix the problem. I just bought a new top on the line HP PC, installed Vista only to find that its not delivering anything close to what it was hyped to do. If Microsoft tech people read this here is the challenge; find a fix for the VX6000 so it can actually function with Vista!!!


    Microsoft generally makes a good product but if the VX6000 fiasco reflects current thinking then then maybe time has come for other OS systems to be seriously considered.

    Thursday, May 31, 2007 8:06 AM
  • I have been looking for updates on this VX 6000 for 2 months, still there is nothing to be found. On the Bloody Box it says it is for Windows Vista. Built June 2007 version 1.3


    Tried to load it the very 1st time and everything works except for the Dash Board, so there was an Error the next day and has not work ever since. So Now here is a Microsoft Product that DOES NOT WORK!!! $99.00 dollars for a very good USELESS Webcam, that is a great waste of money. Now do you think I can find the Service Pack for Vista? Hell No! Plenty of web sites have the Beta verstion, but you have to pay them for it.


    Called and Emailed Microsoft for the update, but they have taken all the links down and shut all the other sites down that carried the updated drivers and help for many thousands of people. If there is anything I have found out that I am ready to just take back this Vista Computer and Go back to XP Pro.


    Thank you very much for letting me Vent.


    Good day, and if others want to piss a way 99 bucks, go a head and just do it! Very well worth the money.




    Sunday, August 5, 2007 1:03 PM