Override path to CustomSettings.ini in Bootstrap.ini RRS feed

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    Is it possible to override path to the CustomSettings.ini through the Bootstrap.ini? So, I'm having a script that creates a VM, inserts an LTI ISO and I need the VM to process the proper customsettings.ini (that's pre-created by the script as well). The closest I could get is to hardcode a TS ID into the default customsettings and have the Gather step to process rules from a a pre-created 'CustomSettings_<MAC ADDRESS>.ini' file, but I'd prefer bootstrap.ini to launch 'CustomSettings_<MAC ADDRESS>.ini' directly to have greater flexibility. I know that this flexibility can be achieved with SQL Database, but in my case this option is not available.

    Any ideas?



    Ivan Seriavin

    Friday, May 6, 2016 9:45 AM