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  • Hi,

    Our organisation works frequently with French Swiss colleagues and I often get complaints from staff that their Office 2007 proofing language changes to French without their having made any changes.

    I assume this is happening because the default proofing language in shared documents is French and that setting is somehow being chosen as the new default instead of English UK.  I never work with such documents and the issue has never happened to me so I think my assumption is correct, but by the same token I've never actually seen the problem happen, just the later consequence.

    Even upon changing the setting back to English UK, the same staff will later complain that the issue has happened again.

    So far, what I have tried doing is the following:

    1. Restored English UK as the default by opening the Language window, highlighting English UK and pressing the 'Default' button
    2. Unchecked the 'Detect language automatically' check box from the same
    3. Confirmed that the primary editing language from Word Options is set to English UK (I think this one is never changed even amongst those experiencing the problem)

    Despite this the problem still seems to manifest itself.  I am aware that there are GPOs which could enforce the setting, but since since we work with an international staff base we can't reasonably enforce a default on all.

    Would anyone be able to offer further insight into what settings exactly control this and what could be done by our staff to get things under control?

    Many thanks,


    Monday, February 23, 2015 11:43 AM