Dialog boxes thrown *behind* the active windows? Why? RRS feed

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  • As I'm going through my Engineering software to see what still doesn't work with RC2 (and it's a depressingly large list so far...), I'm seeing behavior that's different than XP.

    Specificially, if an application installer calls *another* install process as part of it's installation, it's throwing that second installer screen to the *background* instead of the foreground.

    Example:  Installing Hyperworks has to install Java runtime after installing the program.

    But it throws the Java installer *behind* the Hyperworks installation screen.  If you aren't paying close enough attention to the toolbar to notice it's flashing, you'd think the installer hung.


    Is there some setting that forces subsequent windows to come to the *foreground* that I'm missing?

    Anybody see anything similar (Ansys 10 does something similar)?  And it's annoying...

    - Steve

    Thursday, October 12, 2006 2:14 PM